Featured Book ~ May

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Magical Bride  

~ Craft an Interfaith Wedding for a Goddess

by Clea Danaan

 *A tree will be planted for EVERY copy sold!*


     Drawing on her own experiences as a bride as well as stories from around the world, Clea Danaan, author of Sacred Land and Voices of the Earth, guides the reader through the planning of a magical wedding from the dream to the budget to a marriage of power. She profiles Goddesses of love and marriage, offers the magical meanings of flowers and stones, and helps the reader discover her own inner Goddess that will bloom on her magical day and forever.
     Magical Bride is about creating a new paradigm for the contemporary wedding while incorporating meaningful traditions. A truly unique ebook, Magical Bride bridges the modern wedding with Pagan handfasting while guiding you, the magical bride herself, toward finding your perfect and unique wedding. Anyone planning a wedding or handfasting who loves the earth and wishes to honor the goddess will find this ebook a powerful guide.

978-0-9879980-4-0 | $2.99
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